Where is Xi'an travel? Travel in Xi'an, sleep here!

Xi'an, this charming ancient capital, not only a full sense of the ancient city of terracotta warriors and horses, so that you delicious food, did not expect so many unique hotel inn. Travel in Xi'an, you have to sleep here!
the door of the western tang dynasty

If you like the specialty hostel:

1. Xi'an Xitang Youth Hostel - small fresh white world

Xi'an Xitang Youth Hostel is located in the Beilin District College gate, College gate is indeed its name, a street is full of ink and paper ink, there are a variety of galleries around the gallery, the cultural atmosphere is quite strong. Xitang youth hostel stands quietly here, wooden door, brick gatehouse, full of antique atmosphere. But the push into the door but do not have some heaven and earth, white walls, white staircase, white bookshelves, white bedding, you can think of are clean and fresh white, it feels very comfortable.

White garden

This is the most characteristic of the youth hostel is the sun glass room slightly ~ sun glass room value really is not that the doors and windows are large floor glass, there are white curtains, the room and the room between the small Covered with pebbles on the road, as well as the old door to do the path, fresh and nostalgic and do not have a flavor. Yes, the green area of ​​the CYC is also quite good, not only garden balconies, as well as English corners and open-air cafes, play tired to drink a cup of coffee to stay are very comfortable.

Sunny glass room

Geographic location super invincible good, walk to the Forest of Stone Tablets, walk to the wall, walk to the Bell and Drum Tower, walk to Hui Street, simply do not mention it. And is located in the College of the door, the shop is selling pen and ink ink, the alley in the quiet. Rooftop small garden flowers and trees are very good, the rooftop to see, the roof of the natural days of raising more meat actually grow very well. Black and white two kittens often high to high, with their relationship to do so will let you touch, but they are still more interested in the fish in the pond. Many foreigners like to drink on the rooftop drink chat, but the Chinese people are less, probably the Chinese people like to go to the Muslim street to eat snacks bar. Living room big room, what are complete, aunt every day will engage in health, if more than a TV just fine. But the brigade of the atmosphere should also let you out of the TV, and more friends it The staff was a bit confused, but very friendly. The door is small, the first time to find the inattentive to miss, but go after the cave. Feeling foreigners really do not worry, we rush to the attractions, they are wandering. We are paralyzed in bed, they are chatting. To different places, feel different style, this is the meaning of travel.

2. Xi'an Jeno Court backpackers hostel - antique Chinese-style compound

Jeno Court Backpackers Hostel

It is said that the owner of this youth hostel is a pair of love for ten years finally fruition of exotic couples, this hostel is proof of their love. Here is a unique single-family compound, the interior decoration style is also quite simple style, white walls, gray tiles, wooden doors, as if into the ancient times in the big house of the house. Painted on the wall full of graffiti and guests of the various messages, the ancient add a bit lively.

The wall of the various messages

The location of this hostel is excellent, one minute walk to the south gate of the ancient city walls, and 10 minutes from the Bell and Drum Tower. Around the old street during the day to sell all kinds of antique calligraphy and painting what, in the evening is the night market a street. Yes, there is a small bar inside the hostel! It is said that the taste of beer is very positive, if you are a night animal, you must not miss it.

Inside the room

And mother free exercise to Jiuzhaigou passing through Xi'an, because the way expensive, decided to choose a cheap hostel, did not expect the cheap but the environment surprisingly good! Live very comfortable, a lot of foreign friends, suitable for young people.
Is located in the courtyard door, the door is the south gate of the city wall, walk to the bell tower Drum Tower that are minutes of things, where are particularly convenient.

3. Xi'an milk noodle soup youth hostel - rock youth universal hotel

Soy milk soup

If you are a rock and roll youth, then into the soymilk soup you may want to surprise up, where each room with those very idealistic characters as the theme to decorate and named, John Lennon, Bob English, Che Guevara, Yeats ... can not think of it, one day you can actually live in these spiritual idol named in the room.

Inside the room

Soymilk Soup's boss is a man with a cool big pigtail, Soymilk Soup is also a super cool universal hostel, you know, here in addition to sleep, you can do everything you want to do. You can follow the boss to learn the African drum course, a group of people together to climb the walls to drink and sing, with the special offer of soy milk soup to eat around the snacks and private kitchens. In short, here is a youth culture utopia, here is full of rock spirit and freedom.

If you like high-end hotels:

1. Xi'an Campanile Hotel - can see the old five-star hotel in the clock tower

Campanile Hotel

Zhonglou Hotel, it really did not live up to the name, from the landmark of the clock tower in Xi'an on the road across the road, standing in the room through the windows will be able to see the scenery of the clock tower, walk to the Muslim street 5 minutes proper, so excellent geographical Position, absolutely considered the center of Xi'an.

The room to see the clock tower

It is worth mentioning that there are bell tower hotel services, as a veteran of the five-star hotel, Campanile Hotel service is definitely under the effort. To know, the Bell Tower Hotel, but the first batch of Xi'an to join the "World Golden Key Hotel Union" one of the hotels, with three golden keys. And relative to other five-star hotel, Campanile Hotel price is not particularly expensive, the price is not bad.

2. Xi'an luxury Mercure People's Building - this hotel is a garden

Luxury Mercure

This is a garden hotel that can satisfy all your expectations for a superior hotel, a large yard, a lawn green space, a large outdoor swimming pool, a European-style old building, and the hotel's environment can really be described as "pleasing".
Hotel next to the Shaanxi provincial government, traffic super convenient, no matter where the city of Xi'an are very close. Moreover, where fitness massage everything, play tired and can relax ~

Inside the room

A great garden hotel, cost-effective, five-star experience, the hotel is a garden, the morning fountain, flowers, butterflies have formed a beautiful picture, breakfast is very rich, the children did not charge, very atmospheric. Swimming pool there is a small hot spring pool, you can always come up with bubbles, adults and children are enjoying themselves!

Concluding remarks

So many special hostels and high-end hotels, which do you like? Come and experience some time in Xi'an ~

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