Xi'an food collection - diners must eat Raiders (with shop recommended)

Xi'an as the ancient capital of the thirteen, not only rich and splendid history and culture, as well as far-reaching food culture, those who experienced storms, spread down the authentic folk snacks, mostly hidden in the streets, where the local people get together Generation of memories, followed by this Raiders, hope that both local and foreign tourists, can accurately capture the authentic taste of Xi'an.

One, foreign tourists [Hui Street] VS local people [Hui Street]

Hui Street, refers to the place where the residents of Xi'an gathered, including: North Gate, North Guangji Street, West sheep City, large hospital, small leather hospital, Temple Street, sprinkle Jinqiao, Ma Amang Street and a series of streets, Known as the "back Square", also known as "Square", but in the mouth of foreign tourists, Hui Street, often refers to the north gate of this street.

The development of the North Gate was earlier, with a large number of visitors to visit, once the quality of several hundred years old is also declining, the streets chaotic order, poor health conditions, foreign tourists on the Hui Street experience is not perfect the reason. In fact, the unique taste of the old taste of Xi'an mostly hidden in the deep Lane, less scrambling to the commercialization, also more of the heart and more sincere and sincere.

Second, Xi'an food will eat list

These are hidden in the horns Gala authentic authentic snacks, mostly after hundreds of years of history, witnessed the changes in the times, but no matter how the times change, how to develop society, they enduring, become the food label in Xi'an.

NO.1 meatballs spicy soup: Xi'an breakfast will eat

Hu spicy soup is made of potato starch thickening of the sticky food, white, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower and other ten kinds of ingredients common cooking, before the end of the store will be poured with a spoonful of chili oil, taste slightly linen, different from Henan Happy Town Hu spicy soup is the biggest thing, the ingredients of the beef balls in Xi'an Hu spicy soup where the highlights, in each morning, a bowl of hot Hu spicy soup down, beautiful already on the road.

Recommended shop:
[Liu tiger meatballs Hu hot soup]: Lianhu District from the new Lane No. 12
[Li only high quality meatballs Hu spicy soup]: Lianhu District Sprinkle Jinqiao 130
[Xing old three meat pills Hu spicy soup]: Lianhu District labor West Road No. 16
[Mali meatballs Hu hot soup]: Lianhu District Sprinkle Jinqiao cross south 150 meters Road East 113, this is just supper, during the day do not sell

① chili oil can be based on personal habits to increase or decrease;
② meatballs Hu spicy soup with the size of the bowl of the points, you can soak to eat, taste great.

NO.2 wax beef jar: wax juice and the perfect blend of bun

Roast beef Rouga beef bun is usually very soft and tender, bad taste, and then cut off a hot stove is playing, crisp Tuo Tuo steamed bun, the two perfect fusion, eat a eat, outside crisp Lienen, mouth full of fragrance, a bowl of meatballs Hu spicy soup, a wax beef Roumo, Xi'an is the perfect match room for breakfast.

Recommended shop:
[Liu Jixiao roast beef and mutton]: Lianhu District, North Guangji Street and West sheep Street, the southeast corner, but his family only sell mutton lamb, and wayward to cash bags only to have a five cents
[ ]: Lianhu District Sprinkle Jinqiao 132
[Old Lanjia]: Hui Temple Street A2 small south gate (four House Street)

generally sell meatballs Hu spicy soup shop will sell wax beef grill, are the morning men and women gathered in place, and most of the shop Hu spicy soup only one pot a day, it is recommended to go early.

NO.3 beef and mutton steamed bun: enjoy the fun of personally breaking Bun

Most of the high-quality bubble steamed museum, the meat will generally use Qinchuan yellow beef and Inner Mongolia mutton, they are known for the finest meat, from Eviscerate, soaked bloody, boiled, and then to the pot, boiled soup This process to a full day and a night, during the pepper, star anise, fennel and grass fruit and other spices taste in the brewing process slowly into the soup, the longer the taste the more fragrant. Breaking the steamed bun to the bowl handed up, about five or six minutes will be soaked, and handed up to the spicy sauce (some on the table) and garlic, do not underestimate these two things, without them bubble steamed Eat up the total feeling is not complete.

On a bowl of steamed buns pay attention:
bun: must be pure handmade bun, the machine pressure steaming steaming is not natural, handmade steaming there is a natural air eyes, followed by steaming only seven or eight mature, half cooked half cooked hand steamed bread can guarantee the taste both chewy and not fall Nang;
breaking bread: break apart in the middle, and then a quarter, then tear on both sides of the middle, a little bit of breaking (mung bean size), is the test of skill and patience, finally Paomo it good, breaking bread this link is very important;
meat / soup: good choice Qin Chuan beef must be fat, fat meat to soup fragrant;
fans: handcrafted fans, still can not use the mechanism as to ensure the taste tendons Road.

Recommended shop:
[with Shengzhai beef and mutton steamed bun]: Lianhu District North Xia
Jia Shi word on the 6th opposite [old rice home rain bubble steamed]: Lianhu District West sheep City No. 127
[fruit Yuan Zhai rice bubble Museum]: Lianhu District 227 North Guangji Street

① steamed bun is not very good is how to bun off how, it is recommended that the size of the most appropriate mung bean, breaking steaming must be patient;
② bubble steaming four kinds of food: water siege (a circle of soup, the middle Of the bun and the meat pile was slightly higher, like the soup a little more on this bias); mouth soup (fast to the last time, the bowl is only one soup); dry planing (no soup bubble steamed) (A bowl of soup, a cake, grabbing to eat)

NO.4 marinade jelly: the legendary "Square on the dark dishes"

Is a mixture of marinade + jelly + bun + preserved egg + mustard + oil spicy sprouts + sesame + garlic juice + balsamic vinegar and sesame oil, it has a beautiful concept - between the jelly and steamed bun "amphibious food ", Along the bowl side of a layer of planing to eat, a sesame Maotai incense, a marinated spices incense, an oil spicy spicy incense, and a mouthful of garlic and mustard choking, soft jelly, steamed buns mixed with these complex Of the taste, the taste of chaos strange, but structured, it is memorable.

Recommended shop:
[Hong Shun Cheung marinade jelly]: North Park Street North Guangji Street 212
[old Chenjia marinade jelly]: Lianhu District Xicang East Lane No. 39 (opposite Yongfeng apartment)
[XX marinade jelly ]: There is no specific name, close to the Golden Bridge Halal West Temple, very conspicuous green brand

① jelly in discretionary mustard may increase or decrease based on personal taste, you can also do, but less than half will experience a sense;
② egg and egg also can mix and match, you can be whole, can be half;
③ eat marinade When the jelly do not stir, along the bowl side of a mouthful, layer by layer to plan to eat, or really dark food.

NO.5 Guantang package: delicate and soft taste

Back to the square also known as the "filling soup steamed dumplings", stuffing foot skin thin, delicious soup, delicate and soft taste, is the soup package is different from the general buns of the key, Xian Tang Tang package of beef soup Package and shrimp soup package is a sign, eat soup soup package, is to eat noodles, eat meat, eat soup three integration, is an integrated charm, eat soup bag when the first bite a small mouth, let the soup into the spoon In the general just a spoonful of first taste soup, eat meat, and finally dough, which is the correct order to eat soup package.

Recommended shop:
[Zhiliang irrigation soup steamed dumplings]: Lianhu District Sprinkle Jinqiao No. 12
(near the Qingxi Temple) [Jia San Guan Tang Baozi Museum]: Beilin District back to the West Sheep Street 121 (near Liu Jixiao roast beef and mutton shop)
[Li Iron irrigation soup package]: Xiaozhai West Road 58 (Xiaozhai West Road and Suzaku Street cross northeast corner)

① bite the first soup bag do not be too anxious, otherwise the soup splashing face, and the soup is hot;
② eat soup soup package with a bowl of eight-treasure porridge, the taste is very beautiful.

NO.6 flower yogurt sour plum soup: ebony sweet and sour taste slightly grass

There is no shop facade, a stall, a green brand, a refrigerator, two barrels, a succulent plum soup, a piece of fermented glutinous rice, these things together propped up the reputation of the old, different from other home sour plum soup, The sweet and sour taste of the plum dessert is not too heavy to make people feel tired, and there is a trace of a touch of herbal flavor, the taste is very fresh, called "summer solution tired artifact."

Booth Address:
Hui Er Street, the middle of the old hospital with the Sheng Sheng opposite (near Sheng Sheng);
North Park 144 (high family back door)

flower grandmother not only sour plum soup, there are fermented glutinous rice, are iced, but also two mixed, sour plum and fermented glutinous rice mixed with the taste is also very refreshing.

NO.7 Liangpi: Sanqin package town meal treasure

In Shaanxi, Liangpi there are many varieties: Ganmian Pi, rice skin, secret system, Ma sauce Niangpi, etc., the skin of Mizi is chili oil, rolling skin weight spicy and vinegar in the proportion of gold, , Winter to eat warm, summer to eat refreshing, spring to eat the lack of autumn to eat wet, a bowl of tune Liangpi, together with a bottle of Bingfeng, a wax juice Rouga Mo, called the gold partner "Sanqin package" Especially in the summer, to a Sanqin package, happy.

Recommended shop:
[Sheng Zhixian Ma sauce Niangpi]: Lianhu District, a large hospital No. 225
[cloud old four Liangpi]: Changle Road 218, Honghua Lane No. 16
[Ma Ming rolling dough]: Yanta District Chang'an Road Foreign Language University entrance West ten meters
Question 1: to Xi'an only two or three days, want to punch all the food, difficult?
A: big, first of these authentic old shop hidden in the alley, even the local people are hard to find, foreign tourists are wasting time to find the way, more harm than good; secondly, although snacks snacks, but the basic one is a meal The amount, do not want to waste, then about two or three days can only eat the tip of the iceberg of Xi'an food.
Question 2: that I and the food in Xi'an this missed it?
A: is not missed, is the fate has just begun, in a strange city, the best thing is to meet an enthusiastic guide, take you swim with water, take you eat and drink, take you only half a day to unlock the list On the food.

Third, Xi'an food recommended list

In Xi'an, in addition to a few will eat food, there are many good local snacks to tourists around the rush, sweet and sour taste, taste and diverse, north and south all ages, and mainstream snacks together support from Xi'an food a day

NO.1 rose sesame cold cake: rose fragrance of the drive summer device

Sesame cold cake is made of bean curd, sugar, glutinous rice and other ingredients made of cold pastry, soft and non-stick teeth, sand sweet and not greasy mouth, and then sprinkled with rose petals by sugar pickled rose sauce, fresh roses Floral and bean paste filling sweet in the mouth and nose in the spread of Xi'an is one of the few small fresh food, especially in the summer, a rose sesame cold cake, you can drive away the short heat.

Recommended shop:
North Guangji Street 208 opposite, no name, a grandfather and his stall;
[Zhao old five sweets]: West sheep Street (along the West sheep to go, left hand side of the first brand is obvious)

NO.2 Shaanxi pick up three ice cheese: Shaanxi card "Haagen Dazs"

Legend of the Shaanxi taste of Haagen Dazs, are around the seasonal fruit of Xi'an as raw materials, Luochuan apple flavor, Qingjian jujube flavor, afternoon green tea flavor, Lintong pomegranate taste, households on the 8th grape flavor, in addition to , There are several can not imagine the taste: tofu flavor, soy sauce, taste, taste, but the taste is not difficult to accept, every taste comes with a pleasant surprise, representing the exclusive taste of Shaanxi.

Store Address:
[Shanjiao Sanshi Sugar Drum Tower Shop]: Beilin District North Gate No. 270 (West Gate near the north gate of the intersection of the west side of the corner)
[Shaanxi Sang San Creamy Wild Goose Pagoda West Pavilion ]: Yan 66 Bien Road, Tower Area (Westin Hotel)

NO.3 eight treasure porridge: sweet and sour old city early view

With the burning of cremated brown sugar, brown sugar, cremated, sugar juice glowing rich wine, dissolved in the colorful Baba rice, rich in ingredients, melon seeds, peanuts, lilies, wolfberry, raisins, grapes dry, lotus seeds, red dates, Hot drink on the mouth, savor the sweet taste of the porridge mixed with the fine sub-dry acid. In the breeze of the ancient city, to a bowl of warm or iced pork, you will not completely relax, to enjoy such a slow pace.

Recommended shop:
[Bai Xiang sweet food shop]: Lianhu District, large hospital No. 89 (near Wujia small fried)
[Ma Jiming back to the Square to eat]: sprinkle Jinqiao 13 (near the mosque West Temple)

NO.4 mutton soup / complex liver soup: cool warm stomach ancestral soup food

Back to the square of the miscellaneous liver soup for the ancestral soup, the spread of the age is very long, its unique lies in the free use of ingredients, if you like the stomach, to a bowl of half a gallon of liver soup, if you love Liver or lungs, to a bowl of liver or lungs only liver soup, in short, in the square to eat Zidan soup, mashup is the usual style of the meal; In addition, if some foreign tourists can not accept animal offal, you can choose More light mutton soup, meat rotten soup sweet, milky milk, and then sprinkled with green green onion or parsley, will increase appetite.

Recommended shop:
[old Li Jia Zaotang Deco]: Hui Street, large leather hospital No. 134 (Dingjia small crisp meat opposite)
[old horse home mutton soup]: University Road and West Avenue intersection 20 meters north of the East

NO.5 acid soup dumplings: hot and sour taste of Shaanxi flavor

Soup dumplings to lamb stuffing the most popular, expensive in the sour soup, stuffing large leather children thin meat, selling in the night market in Xi'an particularly prosperous, on eating sour, people think of Shanxi, but Qin not Jin, on spicy food, people Think of Hunan, but the old Shaanxi "afraid of not spicy", Shaanxi people on the pursuit of hot and sour no less than any place, so sour soup dessert taste slightly heavier, eat, every pore will sweat, whole body stretch The

Recommended store:
[dumplings king]: Hui Street, large leather hospital No. 1
[Malay acid soup dumplings]: Lianhu District,

Fourth, Xi'an specialty recommended list

NO.1 Zaobao walnut

Although the hue is not good enough, but the taste really can not picky, go on, walnut fragrance crispy and red dates unique flavor together in the taste, sweet and mellow.

NO.2 oil pear spicy

The pepper cooked pepper powder and peanut sesame seeds and other flavors of seasoning and mix well, and then with cooked oil poured into, and then vinegar vinegar a shock, smell nostrils, "oil spicy spicy a dish" is one of Shaanxi eight strange , Enough to reflect the status of oil spilled in the hearts of Shaanxi people, rolling skin, mutton steamed bread, pasta, hot spicy soup, etc., corner can not be separated from the oil spicy, it is no longer a simple spices, and Is the mind of Shaanxi is inseparable from the habit.

Recommended shop:
[Ai Sui spicy Square]: Lianhu District, Temple Street, No. 4
[Spicy Liu]: Lianhu District, Temple Street and West sheep intersection west of 50 meters, and Ai Sui spicy Square is next door

NO.3 Jing Wei Fu tea

"Rather three days without food, not a day without tea", to describe the status of tea in the Northwest ethnic minorities, Fu brick tea originating in Shaanxi, has 600 years of history, in recent years to restore manufacturing, will continue to write " In addition, the digestion and reduce fat, enhance immunity, blood vessels, etc., Fu tea has a variety of effects, is the representative of Shaanxi tea culture with hand ceremony.

NO.4 sour plum powder

From the traditional sour plums evolved, originated in Shaanxi, is the traditional Chinese medicine plum, hawthorn melon in a pot boiled juice, supplemented by sugar sweet-scented osmanthus, etc., rich taste, sweet and sour taste, because it contains ebony, so you can Sheng Jin Thirst, you can also digest the summer solution, if the linger in the back of the square with no sour plum soup, then take a few bags of lime powder is also a good choice.

① sour plum powder to a small bag, a small bag of sour plum with 500 ml of warm water, you can drink hot drink;
② can also be scattered, no bags easy to carry.

NO.5 Gyeonggi-do cakes

Gyeonggi-do and Gyeonggi-ch'i are good tastes, and unlike the traditional crystal cakes, the Gyeonggi-made pastry is rich in flavors, jade chestnut cakes, salt and pepper, Red dates walnut, rose red silk, etc., as well as the characteristics of Shaanxi oil spicy spicy crisp cakes, delicate and soft cakes, taste sweet and fresh, packaging is also a sense of design and taste, store style clean art, Of a stream.

Store Address: No. 98, Xiyang City, Lianhu District

Five, concluding remarks

Xi'an, the number of food is numerous, the city of Xi'an is also a lot of play, this Raiders only involved in the tip of the iceberg of Xi'an food, more depth of interesting ways to play together to explore, of course, A Park travel is willing to do you in this city Keep returning friends, take you across the street, to find more interesting people and things, and finally, or the phrase "welcome to the ancient city of Xi'an"!

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