In China Tengchong, Yunnan, the locals teach you how to choose the hot springs

Volcano and geothermal companion with the hot springs, Tengchong is the only one in China
yuechun hot springs

Why do not soak hot springs is tantamount to Tengchong?

  1. Unique: Tengchong is the only volcanic geothermal coexistence area in mainland China.
  2. Whether you are like the high temperature of the sulfur spring, or low temperature of the carbonate spring; whether you are in the treatment of pain as the original intention, or to beauty beauty for the purpose; whether you like the ultimate experience of high-end luxury, Or like wild full of original feelings, here can meet your requirements. In addition to the hundred percent of the original soup, the hot sea hot springs of the famous, cucumber green hot springs of the ecological, lotus hot spring service, Angels Hot Springs luxury, Parker Hot Springs convenient, and even some unknown hot springs wild, there is always a suitable you.
  3. Hot spring types: Tengchong spring group not only the number and type of complex and complete, there are high temperature boiling springs, hot springs, hot springs, geothermal steam, fountains, gorges, low temperature carbonated spring, gas springs, gas floor, etc., just like A geothermal natural museum.

Tengchong what hot springs recommended?

Many small partners know, to Tengchong, hot springs is bound to bubble, but the hot springs too much tinkering with the eye, do not know which one, the following I will be a few more popular hot springs to give you a detailed introduction, save you The choice of difficulty.

Yuechun Hot Springs - bring her, enjoy the most extreme couples experience

Keywords: couple bubble pool, bubble pool variety, luxury to enjoy】 Tengchong Yuechun Hot Springs Resort is located in Tengchong Beihai Township. The main area to highlight the characteristics of hot spring soup pool as the starting point of the design, the traditional Chinese poetry painting as inspiration, tall cornice construction, slate trails in the garden bend extension. With 28 hot spring dumplings and 9 hot spring baths with independent hot spring baths, 43 outdoor hot spring pools are dotted with spacious Sparrow Spa to provide guests with a unique enjoyment.

Yuechun Hot Springs Vegetation coverage is very high, outdoor hot spring pool surrounded by green vegetation, can be very effective to block the sun UV, the design of human; each pool near the waiter, on call, service patient and meticulous; The ticket contains a refreshment, so you add a bath when the body energy; choose to stay in Angsung Hot Spring Hotel guests, you can directly in the spacious room bath, home spring is the same as natural hot springs, bubble skin is very creamy.


Yuechun Hot Springs is the most famous couple pizza, one called the hand pool, one called the old pool, is located in the garden-style green vegetation, semi-open space experience, accompanied by the breeze during the day, accompanied by stars at night, Ta's hot spring about!

Yuechun Hot Springs - parent-child bathing, enough safe to play High


Keywords: vegetation cover high, bubble pool diverse, children's area】 with children out, too toss is your right, to Angsana is to avoid the car tossing back and forth, because here the perfect combination of hot springs and the hotel. Stay in the spacious and luxurious hotel, like you will be free to try every special bubble pool. In addition, the child's safety and entertainment is also very important. First of all, the children can not stand the high temperature, choose a lot of angel spring there is always a suitable for children. Second, the Angsana Hot Springs with disinfection of the milk pool, the most suitable for parent-child bath. Most importantly, the Angsana Hot Springs has a children's pool. The child soak enough to play with him, or simply take a walk, breathing the fresh air in the garden is also very much praise.


Address: Beihai Township Ma Yu Gu Hot Springs Township. About 10km from Tengchong City.

Traffic: no bus to the proposed chartered or by car to travel.

Hot spring type: carbonated spring

Bailian Hot Springs - Super Five Star Boutique Hotel, away from Heshun recently


Keywords: convenient, close to the town, the environment quiet, the perfect combination of hot springs and the hotel】Bailian Hot Spring Hotel is the Parker Group in 2014 a new super five-star boutique hotel, where the hot springs covers an area of 50 acres, is an open garden Hot springs, in the construction facilities and services fully embodies the Oriental health culture, Buddhist culture and Western leisure culture of the organic combination, and into the local volcanic culture, jade culture and international aromatherapy. Hot springs are divided into aromatic spring area, functional spring area, wetland spring area and forest spring area a total of 23 pool and indoor and outdoor swimming pool two. Is the perfect combination of hot springs and the hotel, the pool and the room into one.

Bohe Hot Springs is located in Heshun town, Tengchong distance from the county town of the nearest hot springs. And the construction time is late, so the facilities newer, the environment is very good, low temperature carbonated spring suitable for parenting bath.

Bailian Hot Springs itself can stay, but the price is high. After the end of the Bailian Hot Spring Bubble, you can choose a unique Heshun Inn to stay, feel the charm and culture of the 600-year-old town, experience the quietness and ecology of the bridges with the ducks and egrets. Inn owners chat, in-depth understanding of the humanities and customs here.


Address: Heshun town about Tengchong City about 4.5 km

Traffic: 6 bus to get off, get off after walking about 1.5 km

Hot spring type: carbonated spring

Lotus hot springs - the most cost-effective, service quality bursting

Yunnan-Tengchong-Lotus hot springs

Keywords: forest hot springs, the most cost-effective, good service】 Lotus Spa is located in Tengchong "Egret town" lotus, due to the local rich geothermal resources, lotus hot springs has been vividly known as "hot pond", but Tengchong vacation Another hot tourist destination. Lotus hot spring area with sulfur spring, kaolin spring, carbonic acid spring, sodium chloride spring and other types of high-quality mineral springs, rich in flow, rich in beneficial to the human body a variety of trace elements, the treatment, sports, skin Special effect. There are 3 scenic pools in the spa area, 19 ponds, 1 dry steam room, 2 sets of wet steam room, 1 foot corridor, 1 valley view coffee bar, 1 water tea restaurant, 1 set of VIP soup House, a beauty therapy club, the entire area of green area up to 90%, is the letter of the forest spa. In addition, Lotus Township or Dai, Wa, Hui, Han, Jingpo, Achang and many other ethnic minorities in the township, so here is the experience of Teng culture and national customs of the great place.

The lotus hot spring is the farthest hot spring in the Tengchong Hot Springs. To this end, the lotus hot spring has a daily free shuttle bus between the county and the lotus hot spring, about 45 minutes by car; the hot spring ticket contains a buffet dinner, Hot spring has a free fruit and snack supply; hot spring privacy is good, the waiter warm and thoughtful.

If the time is enough, the lotus hot spring is worth your stay all day long. After lunch, go to the lotus hot spring bath. Soaked up and lay a lie, eat something and then bubble. Night, place to stay banana off the inn, the most economical way, the most enjoyable experience, to solve the food, live, play all the problems.


Address: Lotus Township lotus hot spring resort. About 20km from Tengchong City

Transportation: lotus hot spring free shuttle (travel time, location details see the end of the text).

Hot spring type: carbonic acid spring, silicate spring.

Yunnan-Tengchong-Lotus hot springs-2

Cherry valley hot springs - the original ecological bathing, wash lung experience


Key words: the original ecology, forest oxygen bar, affordable】 Sakura Valley Hot Springs is located within the cherry valley area, hot springs included in the ticket. After the arrival of the scenic area, along the mountain trail meandering down, everywhere can be seen clear spring, the original forest, all kinds of rare plants. Sakura Valley Hot Springs is located in such a wild mountain, down the mountain, the roadside large and small pool always cause visitors to bursts of itchy. Poor privacy, low water temperature is one of the shortcomings of Sakura Valley Hot Springs. But even so, every time passing the pool to roll up the sleeves, touch the touch of this warm, clear as a mirror, there is no trace of contaminated spring. However, there are a lot of people on this open-air, and nature of zero distance contact with the hot springs a soft spot for it.

To the cherry valley, not so much bath, it is better to wash the lungs, feel the fun of the original forest, mountain people experience life. Here, all things can be used "original ecology" three words summarized, eat the original ecology, playing the original ecology, the original flavor of the bath, of course, accommodation is also full of experience, and the city's luxury star hotel can not be compared The Of course, life is a constant experience to try, not to mention in this beautiful environment!


Address: Sakura Valley Scenic Area, Beihai Township. About 20km from Tengchong City.

Traffic: mountain road is difficult, chartered or by car to travel, with about 1.5 hours.

Hot sea hot springs - bubble is not only hot springs, as well as the environment


Keywords: fame, characteristics of the pool, located in the scenic area】 Hot sea hot pot led by hot sea hot springs known as Tengchong hot springs first. Located within the hot sea area, is a good place to gather soup and sightseeing. Not into the hot sea, the first smell of its taste, hot sea hot springs of the high degree of vulcanization, water quality is good, rare in the country, where the hot springs, the body is extremely useful.

Into the area, the most attractive is the hot sea hot pot, which is a diameter of nearly 6 meters round high hot springs, "pot" bottom of the water temperature of more than 100 degrees, the surface water temperature of about 96 degrees. There are locals selling in the pool with eggs boiled out of the big pot, with straw string into a string, worth tasting. Along the ring in the area of the circular trail slowly forward, along the way will see the super hot air spewing the spring, pregnant tire, glasses spring, pearl spring, drumming spring, lion head, toad mouth ... ... all the different shapes name. To pay special attention to is: spring heat is high, remember not to touch, so as not to burn.


Hot sea area is currently open to two hot springs place: bath and beauty pool, are subject to a separate fee. There are more than 20 open-air and semi-open hot spring pools. There are a lot of special pools according to the addition of spring water. The cappuccino pizza pool is divided into the coffee pool of Yunnan small grain coffee, Of the aloe pool, and even contain a certain percentage of wine wine pool, both detoxification detoxification, but also eliminate fatigue.

Beauty pool, also known as immortal bath, from the three springs together from the spring, located in the spring group, there are three open-air pool, 4 cave bubble pool and a large swimming pool, is a natural SPA paradise, the quality of each pool, Water temperature is not the same. Puff of water from the pregnant wells and sister springs, which contains a lot of radon elements, silicic acid and trace elements, often soak can be skin beauty.


Many guests will choose to stay directly next to the beauty of the pool hotel, so not only removed from the back and forth tossing tired and annoying, while leaving your bathing trip arbitrary. Local accommodation prices in 1000 or so, but the hotel accommodation contains scenic tickets, hot spring tickets and a meal, and ultimately with the overall consumption of residential area is about the most important is the spa hotel environment, services, facilities are ordinary hotel can not Match.


Address: located in hot sea area

Distance: about 12km from Tengchong City

Transportation: take the 2 bus to

Hot spring type: silicate spring, sulfur spring

How to choose a hot spring type based on your own constitution

  1. menstrual abnormalities: radon radon radon can enter the body through the nerve tissue to the internal, adjust the nerve function, the human endocrine gland function also has a good impact, can enable women to restore through, delay premature aging. Use the radon spring, it is best to keep the water temperature 38 ~ 40 ℃, body bath, each 20 to 30 minutes, 1 day can be.
  2. chronic skin disease: sulfur spring containing sulfur hot springs, with softening the role of skin stratum corneum, as well as the purpose of anti-itching detoxification is acne freckle, an effective way to treat chronic skin diseases.
  3. skin sensitive: bicarbonate earth spring bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium and other bicarbonate, with sedative effect, allergic patients, chronic skin diseases, urticaria efficacy, skin sensitive women can choose.
  4. body cold body virtual: pure carbonic acid spring pure carbon spring, spring water temperature is low, can promote the expansion of blood vessels in the body to help improve blood circulation, the most suitable for women with severe cold, coupled with low temperature spring, women can bath Of the longer, physically weak women can soak.
  5. rheumatism: radioactive energy radiant energy is rich in radon and radium elements, both bathing, but also drink, for diabetes, neuralgia, rheumatism and gout patients with efficacy, severe joint cold, you can choose Radiant energy.

Different physical requirements of different Tang Quan, different people on the needs of Tang Quan is also different.

About the baths that need your attention to detail

  1. There are plenty of hot springs in the hot spring area, ready for swimsuit and other related items.
  2. To avoid fasting, after dinner, wine hot springs, hot springs and eating time should be at least one hour apart.
  3. When the hot springs from the low-temperature bubble pool, followed by a high-temperature hot springs one by one try.
  4. Bubble physical strength, prepared to eat, drink, in order to timely supplement the body needs.
  5. Prepare lotion, soak soup in time skin care, especially dry skin.
  6. Physically weak, liver, kidney, heart and other organs have organic disease should not be summer hot springs.
  7. Choose to adapt to their own high, medium and low temperature hot spring pool, generally from low temperature to high temperature, each time 15-20 minutes.

How to get from the airport Tengchong hot springs

  1. Tengchong airport bus, 10 yuan / time, only to the county, cheap but the convenience is poor.
  2. Taxi, a taxi about dozens to more than one hundred, to choose from, but not recommended, not worthwhile.
  3. chartered to the number of more when the best choice, convenient and relatively economical.
  4. The travel platform and APP to buy with the relevant package, convenient and cost-effective.

In addition, there are 6 bus to Heshun town, but from the town gate to the Bailian Hot Springs are about 1.5km distance; 2 bus to the hot sea area, get off after about 1km to reach the hot spring area; free shuttle arrived in lotus spa.

Hot spring ticket purchase notes

  1. Hot spring tickets are recommended in advance. Advance arrangements can be reasonable arrangements for travel, to avoid the store to the next episode.
  2. Monday to Friday part of the hot spring prices lower than the weekend price, and few people, clear water, strong experience.
  3. To the point of booking: the advantage is that you can even ask the views of the local people, but the disadvantage is the high price.
  4. Network platform booking: support for rapid booking, today can book the next day, the change is also more humane.
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