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Lake in China
What is worth playing in Qiandao Lake?
Qiandao Lake, a national 5A-level scenic spot, is located in the territory of Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province, and is known as the “back garden” of the Yangtze River Delta. Thousand Island Lake has 1078 islands dotted around it. It is the largest lake in the world. It is more than 200 kilometers southwest of Ottawa, Canada. It is called "The Three Thousand Island Lakes of the World".
Entering Suzhou Garden
Suzhou's deep and elegant journey
Suzhou night tour, go to these places right!
Touring Suzhou during the day, the ancient rhyme of the city is visited, and Suzhou is visited at night. It is the feeling of traveling. As night falls, the Hua Deng is at the beginning, taking a boat, walking an old street, swimming in a garden, listening to a Suzhou Pingtan, it is not a trip to Suzhou.
Suzhou City Wall Museum: Learn about Gusu Ancient City, starting from the city wall of Suzhou
A museum carries the genes of urban culture, the hall of human civilization, and the far-sightedness of life and memory. For the ancient city of Suzhou, if you want to know the ancient city of Gusu, it is natural to start from the gates and walls of Suzhou, starting from the ancient city wall.
Recommended for small-scale attractions in Hangzhou
Where is the most fun in Hangzhou? Open your circle of friends, the friends who are going to Hangzhou are not in the West Lake, or on the way to the West Lake; not in the Leifeng Tower to take tourists photos, is to wear
Recalling Hangzhou, five-day itinerary
On the first day of the trip, I arranged [West Lake] [Hefang Street] [Hu Xueyan's former residence]. "The water is bright and sunny, and the mountains are empty and rainy. I want to take the West Lake Bixi."
Eat in Hangzhou, taste these Hang Bang flavors
I have long heard that the taste of taste is the best. It is located at the entrance of Huagang Guanyu, and the environment is very good. The first time I ordered a dish in Hangzhou, I thought it was very small. I didn’t expect it..
Hangzhou's annual weekend travel guide, take the enjoyment of Hangzhou life
2017 is a full year of living in Hangzhou. The city has unexpected surprises every season. I wanted to sort out the family photos taken during the year, but I sorted them out.
Hangzhou Grand Canal Raiders, the old way of sightseeing in Hangzhou!
The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is in me, and the memory stays in the history textbooks of the student era. After working in Hangzhou, I was fortunate enough to get close to the canal. The river is flowing tirelessly, and now how calm it is, once it was raging. How old he was, how delicate she is now. Follow this river and discover "Old Hangzhou" with us.
Low-key luxury and retro, for these hotels also go to Tianjin
It is also a good experience to eat pancake fruit at a superior hotel!